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Milk and pomegranate pudding

In Italy when someone looks at a particularly appetizing and good-looking dish, people use to say: “Si mangia con gli occhi” that literally sounds like “to eat something with the eyes”. Well, those are the words we do say looking at this milk and pomegranate pudding
Look the wonderful colors it has: a pure-white layer and a powerful red at the base. Mouth watering, isn’t it?
The “mullabiah” is a well known dessert from Middle Eastern regions. Making this recipe we referred to the method of Fidaa I A Abuhamdiya who wrote the book “Pop Palestine”. 

The milk and pomegranate pudding is very easy to make and requires only a few ingredients. It is also quick if we do not consider the time for the rest. 
Its peculiarity is the rose water essence: if you do not get it, substitute with another aroma like orange, vanilla, almonds... 
The rose water essence is a typical Middle Eastern flavour, but do not mind if you do not have any: the pudding will be delicious the same.

Serves 7 

  • 450 g whole milk
  • 300 g pomegranate juice
  • 75 g corn starch
  • 100 g caster sugar
  • 1 tablespoon rose water essence 
  • pistachios and arils to decorate
Difficulty: medium - Time: 30 minutes + two hours for the rest

Pour a small quantity of milk into a small bowl, add 45 grams of corn starch and use a teaspoon to stir until melted. 
Pour the remaining milk into a sauce-pan, add 70 g of sugar, put onto the stove and let it warm up (not boil). 
When the milk is hot but not boiling, add the melted corn starch and a tablespoon of rose water essence. Whisk until the cream get sticky.
Pour the white sauce into the molds (2/3 of the height): we chose 7 aluminium muffin molds (volume: 100 g each approx.). Set aside to cool down for one hour.

Meanwhile you can make the pomegranate juice by yourself (see the related post). To get 300 g of juice we needed two big fruits. Alternatively you can buy the pomegranate juice to the store: it works the same. 

When the milk pudding is cool repeat the method for making the pomegranate pudding. Put 30 g of corn starch into a small quantity of pomegranate juice and mix to melt. Warm up the remaining juice with 30 g of sugar but no essence. When the liquid is warm but not boiling, add the melted corn starch. Whisk until it gets sticky.  

Pour the pomegranate on the white layer to fill the molds till the edge. Set aside to cool down for an hour. 
When you are ready to serve, help yourself with a knife to detach the pudding from the mold. Flip the pudding onto a serving plate, lightly push the base - to help the full detach. Guarnish with coarsely chopped pistachios and some arils (pomegranate seeds). 
You can fine the full recipe in the book “Pop Palestine” print in Italy by “Stampa Alternativa”. 

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