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Pasta with cauliflower and nut sauce

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We must say it: cauliflower is not our favourite food. But it is healthy and light. 
However, it is not so tasty… yes, it is great if you are on a diet, but it is also a bit “saddening”. 
That is why we thought to enrich the cauliflower dressing with nut sauce (click here for recipe): the result is a light, but very very tasty pasta dish.

Cauliflowers are not only white: there are yellow, purple, orange ones. No, they are not painted: they are the result of farmer’s experimentation, researches, crossbreading. All of us can safely eat those coloured vegetables. Anyway we used a white one, to create a “winter plate”, something like “ton sur ton”… Do you like to have it? So, follow us!

Serves 4: 

  • 500 g steamed or boiled cauliflower
  • 4 tablespoons of nut sauce
  • handful of crumbled nut kernels
  • 320 g of pasta, any type
  • sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground black pepper to taste

Difficulty: easy - Time: 30 minutes

To get 500 g of cauliflower cream, clean and steam (or boil for 10 minutes) about 800 grams of raw florets.

While pasta is cooking, process the cooked florets into the food processor glass until creamy. Add ground pepper (to taste) and a bit of oil (about 2 tablespoon). Set aside and keep warm. When pasta is done, save a cup of the cooking water and drain; place pasta in a bowl. In another bowl combine the nut sauce and the pasta water, to make the sauce fluid. Mix sauce and pasta together. Place some cauliflower cream into each serving plate, then add nutty pasta, decorate with crushed nuts and some florets. Enjoy!

Italiano - Español

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