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Appetizing tree
Black rice nests
Bread and pizza “black and white”
Chickpeas shots
Escarole pie 
Express canapé
Focaccia of Recco (cheesy flat bread)
Greek salad rolls
Green samosas
Ham mousse 
Meatballs skewers
Mediterranean pastries
Spinach cubes 
Savory cannoli
Taralli and grissini "Clandestine" style 
Tofu-tomatoes bites
Tomato cream canapésucc
Tuna Appetizers 
Vegan pastry nests
Vegetable appetizers
Zucchini stuffed with cous cous

Bechamel sauce
Eggless mayonnaise 
Handmade egg pasta
How to make mirepoix
Italian meringue
Meat broth 
Sponge cake
Sweet shortcrust pastry
Vegan pastry
Vegetal broth

How to make a good pomegranate juice without juicer
Maracuja and mango juice

Angelica cake with goji berries
Anzac biscuits
Aspic with fruits and wine
Banana and blueberry muffins
Butternut squash plumcake
Carnival fried chiacchiere
Carrots, almonds and lemon cake
Cherry cheesecake (no bake)
Cherry cake, gluten free
Chestnuts cake
Chocolate custard with black cherries tart crust
Christmas tree cake
Creamy cups, Mojito flavored
Creamy mascarpone dessert 
Custard and amaretti tart
Delicious coconut
Figs and chocolate bonbons
Ginger, red berries and pistachio cookies 
Golden cookies 
Hot cross nutty-choco buns
Lava cake
Lemon curd tart
Mango cheesecake (no bake)
Migliaccio, semolina cake
Milk and pomegranate pudding
Mud cake
Neapolitan Pastiera - traditional
Neapolitan Pastiera gluten free
Nougat semifreddo
Nutella creamy nests
Orange-Apple plumcake
Orange - Stuffed oranges
Rainbow cake
Rice cake
Roses cake
Spicy chocolate, salted caramel bars
Sponge cake
Squash and chocolate cake with almonds, gluten free
Strawberries and pistachios shots 
Stuffed oranges
Stuffed figs and apricots with chocolate
Sugar paste 
Ten minutes chestnuts dessert
Wacky cake (three wells cake)

Eggs and cheese "pallotte"
Eggs and tomatoes sauce

Codfish crumble
Codfish balls Thai style
Codfish with speck and topinambur
Cuttlefish soup with peas
Fillet of sea bream with pesto, orange and fennels salad
Fish&chips Italian style
Fish rolls with squash velvety cream
Savoy cabbage rolls with salted codfish
Stuffed squids Sicily style
Swordfish "alla ghiotta"

Appetizing pork involtini
Chicken kofte
Curry chicken
Goulash (beef stew)
Lamb stew with spring cous cous
Meatballs Milano style (Mondeghili)
Meat broth 
Meatloaf... a pois
Meat rolls with mashed potatoes
Pork roast with spicy salt
Rolled and stuffed pork roast with chestnuts, apple and plums
Spicy chicken wings
Surprising veal roast
Stuffed turkey leg
Turkey bites with pine nuts, olives and capers
Veal escalopes with prosciutto and sage

PASTA, RICE & CEREALS (primi piatti - italian main courses)
Aubergine parcels
Baked macaroni with meatballs
Batata gnocchi with sausage and peas
Black spicy rice
Buckwheat flour crepes with orange sauce
Cavatelli mushrooms and prawns 
Chestnuts fresh pasta with pumpkin and pancetta
Chickpeas flour crepes with asparagus filling
Codfish spaghetti 
Cornmeal gnocchi roman style
Eggplants pasta ring
Green dressed cereals
Fettuccine with peas cream, smoked salmon and pistachios
Handmade fusilli with meat rolls
Linguine with cold sauce
Pasta alla Norma with fried eggplant
Pasta alla puttanesca
Pasta sausage and saffron 
Pasta tuna-tahini
Pasta with clams, asparagus and tomatoes confit
Pasta with mussels and beans
Pasta with mussels, fava beans and pecorino cheese 
Pasta with cauliflower and nuts sauce
Pasta with potatoes and provola (stringy cheese
Pink rice
Pizzoccheri in disguise
Pumpkin wholemeal gnocchi
Rainbow quinoa salad
Rainbow ravioli
Ravioli with mortadella and pistachios
Red carpet rice
Red ravioli
Rice patties with peas and ham
Risotto in red (with beans)
Risotto with avocado, basil and ginger
Risotto with peas
Risotto with sausage and rosemary 
Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti leftover
Spaghetti with peppers and dark beer
Spaghetti with octopus ragout
Spelt gnocchi on pumpkin soup with cheese sauce 
Spelt flour gnocchi with broccoli and anchovies 
Spicy black rice with mango chutney
Spring crepes
Testaroli with pesto
Thai rice
Tortellini flavoured lasagna
Tuna pasta
Vertical crepes 

Apple, celery, salmon and walnuts salad 
Chicken and avocado salad
Pears, artichokes and pecan salad
Salade Nicoise

Asparagus pie
Baked frittata with artichokes and potatoes
Baked frittata with fresh tomatoes
Bread and pizza “black and white”
Broccoli pie
Cheese and pear tart
Focaccia of Recco (cheesy flat bread)
Frico (potato pie)
Naked pie with flowers
Pan de Jamòn
Pitta (pizza) with capsicum, olives and tuna 
Potatoes pie with sausage and mushrooms
Purple pie
Quick oil pastry mini-tarts 
Savory babà with herbs, spices and seeds
Savory frangipane pie
Vegetable loaf wrapped in black kale
Winter vegetables roll

Mushrooms and chestnuts soup
Peas and ham soup
Pumpkin soup
Spring soup (Garmugia)
Tomatoes velvety soup

Almost moussaka 
Artichokes in fondue
Aubergine rolls

Beans with tomato sauce
Broccoli mousse
Broccoli pie
Celeriac soup 
Cherry tomato confit
Chickpeas sesame patties
Eggplants, oven-fried
Eggplants parmigiana
Eggplant veggie-balls
Fava beans: how to clean 
Frico (potato pie)
Hasselback potatoes
Lentils burger
Lupins mousse
Onions microwaved "soffritto"
Pears, artichokes and pecan salad
Peppers stuffed with tuna
Peppers (Capsicum): how to roast
Potatoes phyllo rolls
Pumpkin and turmeric purée
Purple pie
Sandy, coloured potatoes
Spicy vegetables
Spinach rolls
Spinach and potatoes patties with stringy cheese
Spring soup (Garmugia)
Stuffed artichoke with "sombrero"
Stuffed round zucchini
Vegan sandwich with salad, potato mayo and red onions sauce
Vegetable appetizers
Vegetable loaf wrapped in black kale
Vegetable peels, capers and olives dehydrated
Winter vegetables roll
Zucchini veggie-balls
Zucchini with cous cous
Zucchini, marinated and stuffed with ricotta
Zucchini spaghetti - zoodles

Anzac biscuits
Arepas con carne mechada
Cachitos de Venezuela
Chinese dumplings
Chutney "coccomango"
Green Samosas
Hummus, chickpeas dip
Pan de Jamòn
Peruvian Causa
Tequeños venezolanos
Thai rice
Unconventional Tortillas

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