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How to make a good pomegranate juice without juicer

The pomegranate juice is delicious and nutritious both for elder and children. 
If the fruits are ripe it is not necessary to add any sugar. 
If you want to drink a full vitaminic juice you can add some citrus juice (tangerines, oranges or lemons, for example).
To turn your pomegranate juice to a good aperitivo you can add some soda water or, for those who appreciate alcohol, some Prosecco or Champagne (or other sparkling wine). Remember to serve it chilled.

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If you do not have an expensive electric juicer, you need to deseed your pomegranate: sometimes this could be a hard operation. In fact, the seeds (whose name is arils) use to stain very much any surfaces, clothes and hands... You have two options. The first: cut the pomegranate in half, put one of the two parts on the palm of your hand, place the arils side down; take a large bowl and a large spoon; vigorously hit the pomegranate with the spoon: the arils will easily fall down. 
Second way: cut the pomegranate in four parts and patiently remove all the seeds one by one, separating them from the white piths. 

We bought on line this funny “pomegranate deseeder” (see image above and below): it consists of a bowl, a plastic grid and a flexible dome. When you hit the dome with the spoon, the arils directly fall into the bowl beneath and the juice does not get everywhere. Easy and low cost. 

The amount of the seeds depends on the size of the fruits: on Italian market we can buy big size pomegranates, coming worldwide. Italian pomegranates are usually smaller. You can store pomegranates out of the fridge for long time. There is always a pomegranate in our pantry!

Remove all of the white piths, then put the arils into the liquidizer or into the hand-blender glass.
Mix to crumble the seed for some minutes.

Strain the arils-mix onto a bowl. Press down with a spoon or a spatula to extract all the juice.
Et voilà, your pomegranate juice is ready.
Use a funnel to pour the juice into small bottles and store into the fridge or freeze it.

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